This is the Joomla! component for Ushahidi, it exposes 100% of the Ushahidi front end and back end application functionality.

The Ushahidi platform is a tool to easily crowd source information using multiple channels, including SMS and then display this information on a map.

Find here the software, the documentation and a demo site.



Download the software to implement into your Joomla! powered website and start sourcing information from the crowd. Please note that this Ushahidi software is not supporting newest Joomla! sites (only version 1.5 and older).

Setting up your own website with this software is not hard to accomplish.
However, it might be handy to keep the documentation by hand.

Take a look at the demo website to get a clear idea on how this software could be integrated in your own project!

This software is published as an Open Source project on Github.
Interested developers can co-develop to improve and enhance the component.